martedì 2 agosto 2011

A bit of customizations for GNOME 3


Today I would like to spent some words about the latest GNOME Desktop Environment release, the successor of the glorious GNOME 2.x branch: I'm talking about GNOME 3, which represents a real innovation in terms of D.E. concept.

I let everyone who were eventually still unaware about this Desktop Environment, which so far is the bigger concurrent of KDE (another Desktop Environment based on Qt libraries) to see directly about what I'm talking about.

Now let's move directly to show the extensions and minor customizations I made on my GNOME 3 which is currently my default D.E. on my openSUSE 11.4 64bits.

My small cosmetic additions here reported are nothing in comparison to the top level development existent behind The GNOME Project itself, as well as the knowledge enclosed behind the smaller gnome-extensions, like the ones I'm presenting here which have been realized by some smart developers and free software enthusiasts around the globe as Finnbarr P. Murphy.

I installed the following Murphy's gnome-shell extensions since as it is per default GNOME 3 shell in my opinion appears a bit "crude and with little usability":

  1. activities button
  2. application button
  3. themeselector
  4. workspaces menu
Gnome 3 in all its splendor :-)

Gnome-Shell extensions: Activity and Applications buttons

Gnome-Shell user panel

Gnome-Shell "Windows"

Gnome-Shell Theme Selector

Gnome-Shell Workspaces-Menu

Gnome-Shell Applications Button (details)

gnome-shell extensions (default directory)

Gnome-Shell specific and simple settings of metadata.json

That's all Folks!

I hope to have at least suggested some ideas in order to give a different face and usability to latest GNOME.

See U later!

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